Insulation Removals


Australian 5 Star specialise in all types of insulation and debris removal projects ranging from small residential extractions through to fire and water damage insurance claims.

As part of Australian 5 Star’s insulation removal service, we employ a state of the art industrial vacuum designed specifically for lead dust removal and ceiling vacuuming.

Our unit is powered by a 20hp Honda Engine specifically modified with HEPA filter exhaust systems designed to extract all lead dust removed from your roof in an efficient and safe manner. HEPA filters are the industry standard for Lead Dust Extraction, and thus you can be sure that with Australian 5 Star, your roof space will not only be left clean but also be cleaned in a safe manner.

With over 40 meters of hose reach on our compact unit, there is no roof space that we can’t access.


Australian5star’s vacuum is perfect for all types of insulation removal, ceiling vacuuming, including insulation batts, foam and cellulose. Generally speaking, if your insulation is over 30 years old, chances are it’s not only under-performing, but may also contain high levels of lead dust and other such pollutants. In this case Australian5star offers the possibility to remove all old insulation, giving you a complete roof vacuum enabling you to start from scratch


Many ceiling cavities can contain high levels of lead mixed in with a build-up of dust which In many cases contains other harmful contaminants including mineral fibres, pesticides, chemical pollutants, asbestos, animal faeces and dust mites to name a few. For this reason getting your ceiling vacuumed and any old insulation removed before laying new insulation is probably a wise move.

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