Downlight Protection


This year in Victoria, Over 22 house fires have been directly related to unprotected downlights. A ceiling inspection is your best defense against potential fire dangers. To book in your ceiling inspection call us on 1300 797 616. The Downlight Doctor ...Protecting your family.

The percentage of house fires that begin in the roof is growing rapidly every year.

While down lights are an extremely popular choice of lighting these days, they can also be extremely dangerous if not correctly covered. It is a major problem that is not made known enough!

Exposed High temperature down lights in a ceiling is an accident waiting to happen that can easily be prevented.

Movement in the ceiling caused by rodents, nesting birds and even people, can easily cause unfixed or loose material to move against just one down light (among many?) that can reach a temperature of 200-300 degrees. As you can imagine old dry insulation would not take long to ignite.

Another scary reality is that smoke alarms can give people a false sence of security rarely detecting ceiling fires by the time you realise what is happening it is generally too late.